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Concrete Cutter Tigon (Tg-Cc18d)
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29 Apr 2020
1 unit
IDR 18.950.000

Specification of

Concrete Cutter TIGON (TG-CC18D)

Asphalt Cut Machine or Concrete Cutter

Specification Concrete Cutter TIGON (TG - CC18D)

Model: TG - CC18D

Engine: Diesel R 175

Power (Hp): 7

Disc Diameter (mm): 300/500

Driving: Manual push

Dept Adjustment: Hendle Rotation

Max. Cutting depth (cm): 17

Water tank capcity: 35

Weight (kg): 148

Dimension (cm): 105 x 57 x 99

Asphalt cutting machine for cutting or giving gap for concrete / asphalt road. Concrete concrete will expand if heat or shrink when cold, this machine is used to make a little gap in concrete concrete. This machine can also be used to cut the old road to create a new road. Available in several capacities and blades that can be tailored to the needs of consumers.

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