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Inverter Plasma Cutter System Tigon (Cut-40)
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29 Apr 2020
1 unit
IDR 3.380.000

Specification of

TIGON Plasma Cutter System Inverter (CUT-40)

Inverter Plasma Cutter System is one type of arc welding where the welding process is used to cut iron.

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TIGON Plasma Cutter System Inverter Specifications (CUT-40)

Inverter and Converter Models: CUT-40

Input voltage: 1PH 220V

Frequency: 50 / 60Hz

Rated input capacity: 4.8 KVA

Power Factory: cos Ø 0.93

Efficiency: 85%

Max OCV: 220V

Current Range: 10-40A

Cutting Thickness: 12 mm

Insulation class: H

Protection degree: 1P21S

Dimesion: 44.5 x 25.5 x 32.5 cm

Weight: 9.0 kg

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