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Mini Dumper Tigon Tmd-400 G
Mini Dumper Tigon Tmd-400 G
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Machine ToolMini dumper is a tool that is used to transport goods capacity of 350 kg, with easy control so that anyone can control this mini dumper .. Mini Dumper TIGON (TMD-400G) Specification Model: TMD-400GLoading capacity: 350kgForward running speed: 1 (0.5) 2 (0.8) 3 (1.3) 4 (1.8) 5 (4.9) Reserve running speed: 1 (0.6) 2 (2.3) Clmbing ability angle: 25Brake type: Internal expandingLoading box dimension: 830 x 570 x 290Dump Type: ManualDumo Angle: 60Engine Model: MGX-200Dimension: 1270 x 760 x 1000mmWeight: 156kg

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