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Portable Steel Bar Cutter Rc20
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Specification of Portable Steel Bar Cutter Rc20

Portable Steel Bar Cutter RC20

Motor Power   220V / 50 Hz / 850W

Cutting Pressure  15 kN

Dimension   410 x 115 x 220 mm

Weight   13kg

Max Cutting Ø   Ø15mm SNI / Ø20mm Non SNI

• GW50C adopts the fully enclosed GEAR BOX for less distortions even under the condition of heavy loads.

• GEARS, GEAR SHAFTS, WORKING DISK, STOP GAUGE, SADDLES, PILE HEAD and PILE HEAD BUSHES made of forged high-quality alloyed steel with proper heat treatment (quenching/ tempering/ high frequency) and 2 mm thick external case to ensure high performances also under heavy loads and long working life.

• Dust proof BRAKE MOTOR and TWO LIMIT-SWITCH to ensure the accuracy of the bending angle also after stopping and restarting.

• Insert-pin type disk and movable saddles for a precise adjusting of the bending angle.

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